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Hi there, fellow gardener! This page is where we look at the issues most commonly or even not so commonly attributed to urban gardening, hydroponics, horticulture and other areas of caring for plants. Clearing away the weeds of misinformation to encourage more enjoyment in gardening. 

I'm new in aquaponics and gardening. Which is easier: Should I start from growing seedings or buy existing plants?

Buying sprouts or potted plants should be easier if you’re just starting out in gardening. Tending to seeds so that they get enough nutrients, care, and attention to start germinating and then to sprout simply takes experience. You’re much better off focusing on helping existing plants to thrive in your garden so that you can get some practice. After some more research and time doing gardening, you can start experimenting with growing seedlings.

Can rooftop gardening help fight climate change?

Absolutely. These little changes can have a ripple effect on your community, where seeing you work on a garden can convince someone else to do it, and then that person will convince someone else, and on and on it goes.

Your garden alone won’t fix climate change, but an entire city that’s doing rooftop gardening can make a huge difference. That’s worth aiming for.