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Ornamental Indoor Palms

Mon, Jul 9, 2018
(How to grow and take care of ornamental indoor palm) Indoor palms are one of the most popular, if not the most popular of all house plants around the world. They provide an atmosphere of … View full article→

Ornamental Cactus Plants Indoors

Fri, Jul 6, 2018
(How to grow and Take Care of Ornamental Cacti Indoors) Keeping the environment humid enough to maintain the health of tropical plants is one of the disadvantages of growing house plants, in … View full article→

Herbs Garden Containers

Wed, Jul 4, 2018
You don’t need an estate to grow a gorgeous (and useful!) herb garden. Most herbs are perfect container garden plants and will thrive on your deck, patio, balcony, fire escape, or … View full article→

Hanging Vegetable Garden

Mon, Jul 2, 2018
Home grown vegetables are a wonderful addition to any table. But adding them to your diet when you live in a place with limited space can be difficult. It can be done. One option is to add a … View full article→

Container Vegetable Gardening

Fri, Jun 29, 2018
You don’t need a plot of land to grow fresh vegetables. Many vegetables lend themselves well to container gardening. With some thought to selecting bush or dwarf varieties, almost any … View full article→

Container Gardening

Wed, Jun 27, 2018
Container gardening is the practice of growing plants in containers instead of planting them in the ground. Container gardening includes planting edible as well as non-edible plants. The … View full article→

HYDROPONICS: Alternative Method For Gardeners

Mon, Jun 25, 2018
Look, no soil! People are so used to plants, growing in fields and gardens buried into the soil. But we find anything else completely extraordinary. And it is true. Not only plants will grow … View full article→

Lettuce in your Garden? Why not?

Fri, Jun 22, 2018
(Growing varieties of Lettuce in your own garden) Do you love salad? If yes, then you might love to read this article. So, why purchase lettuce in grocery stores when you can easily grow … View full article→

How to Grow Orchids in your House

Wed, Jun 20, 2018
(Growing Orchids and its other common variants at home) The beauty, intricacy and incredible variety of orchid flowers are incomparable in the plant world. They said, once you grow an … View full article→

Herb Garden Ideas for Apartments

Mon, Jun 18, 2018
Everybody wants to be as healthy and natural as possible. We love visiting grocery stores, weekend organic markets but spending money for wholefoods and superfoods always get in the way of … View full article→

Little Big Garden

Fri, Jun 15, 2018
(Creative Ways To Make Your Tiny Yard Look Like A Big Garden) Alluring small garden landscape ideas can be discovered pretty much anyplace nowadays. A stroll around your nearby neighborhood … View full article→

How and Why: Indoor Vertical Gardening

Wed, Jun 13, 2018
Vertical indoor gardens are a brilliant way to both maximize limited area and reclaim unnoticed space by means of transforming empty area into something aesthetically beautiful and … View full article→

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