7 Of The Best Reasons For Why You Need A Greenhouse

February 5, 2018

7 Of The Best Reasons For Why You Need A Greenhouse

By David Cruwys

Greenhouses have been around for centuries and there are some really good reasons for its enduring existence. With the wellbeing of plants being so dependent on the climate and the weather, a green house basically acts as a self-contained ecosystem where gardeners have an incredible amount of control.

It allows gardeners to protect and nurture plants regardless of environmental factors.

If you’re a huge fan of gardening and get absolutely heartbroken whenever your previous plants wither under extreme heat or fail to thrive because of the winter cold, a greenhouse can be a great way to ensure that you won’t have to go through that again.

Best of all, a well-maintained and well-managed greenhouse can even withstand diseases that kill other crops in your area.

The list of advantages of having a greenhouse for your precious plants can go on forever, but you only really need seven to see why it’s worth having one.

The Greenhouse Advantage

Greenhouse With Potted Plants & Flowers

In the old days, rich and powerful families would own greenhouses to protect their more delicate plants and crops from the threats of the natural world. Pests, extreme temperatures, unhealthy soil, they all pose a risk to your plants that a greenhouse can keep at bay.

Nowadays, almost anyone can have a greenhouse, but only a few take advantage of it. This is a shame because when it comes to gardening, the greenhouse advantage is difficult to argue with, as you’ll learn in a bit.

Protection For All Plants

Some plants are hardy while others are delicate. Regardless of which category they fall under, however, plants can still get destroyed by environmental factors of all kinds.

Whether it’s too much sun or too much rain, harsh gales of wind, and the occasional animal or two, your garden is always at risk of getting damaged by something if they are in an outdoor setting. There’s also the logistical challenge of actually caring for the different types of plants you have, especially if they require different treatments.

It could be enough to drive you mad!

With a greenhouse, you won’t have to put too much pressure on yourself while caring for multiple types of plants. You can take your time, all the while knowing that they won’t be killed the moment there’s a heavy downpour.

Pests and diseases won’t be as much of a threat either because you’re isolating your plants. The risk will still be there, but not on the same level as when your flowers or bushes are out in the open.

As a result, you can also enjoy the act of gardening even more.

Garden Anywhere

The next most important advantage to having a greenhouse is having the ability to garden everywhere. There are some exceptions to this rule. Growing plants in Antarctica would be a challenge, for example, even with the most sophisticated greenhouse heating system.

Assuming that you’re a normal person who lives in a habitable environment, a greenhouse will essentially allow you to grow any type of plant regardless of where it’s from.

If you’re interested in raising tulips, you can do that. The same goes for water lilies or orchids.

If crops are more your style, you can grow onions, carrots, tomatoes, and cabbages.

The point is that even if the plants are meant to thrive under vastly different climates compared to where you live, it won’t really matter. As long as you have the right equipment and machinery in your greenhouse, you can have any climate you want.

It could be the dead of winter and the cactus you imported from Mexico can still stay nice and toasty. You can’t do that if you don’t have a greenhouse.

To Add To Your Home’s Visual Aesthetics

Having a garden makes your home look beautiful. Having a greenhouse, however, adds a level of gravitas and intelligence to the visual aesthetics of your house or apartment that’s difficult to describe.

Just like Gazebos, greenhouses are a perfect addition to give your home an elegant feel. Placing a greenhouse in your garden will make it look classier, and it’s even better when you have a dedicated space on your property just for it.

Greenhouses come in different shapes and sizes, providing you with flexibility of choice. Having one brings a stunning visual to your house while also serving a great purpose for your gardening efforts.

Gardening All Year Round

One of the saddest parts of gardening, at least for some people, is that plants can inevitably die because of seasonal changes. This is especially problematic in places where they go through all four seasons of winter, spring, summer, and autumn/fall.

There’s a certain beauty to the changes that happen through the transition, but it also results in months of hard work going down the drain.

With a greenhouse, this becomes less of a problem.

You could grow winter plants in summer or summer plants in winter. You could grow both types of plants side by side and see them survive seasons that would otherwise have killed them. A greenhouse is an amazing investment that way.

Thanks to advancements in climate control technology, in particular, growing plants has practically risen above such petty concerns as seasonal changes, as long as it’s done in a greenhouse.

Fresh Produce

If you’re a huge fan of eating fresh produce such as fruits, crops, tubers, berries, and vegetables, you could do green house farming to get all of that and more. The same goes for herbs and spices, or roots and barks. If you need to use any of them as ingredients for cooking, they’re just a few feet away.

Best of all, you can do all of these without having to rely on pesticides or harmful chemicals.

In comparison, going to the grocery store just to buy vegetables and fruits is really tedious. The thought that it was potentially sprinkled with harmful chemicals is also repulsive.

Commercial farms are known to use toxic chemicals on their crops to boost production and accelerate growth. Suffice it to say, these harmful chemicals have an adverse effect on both the plants and humans.

Storage Area

Gardening requires tools and tools require a storage space. If you already have greenhouse, it can function as both storage for your plants and the equipment you use to plant with. This removes the need to have an entirely separate shed or room for stuffing things like trowels, wheelbarrows, or gardening scissors in.

Doing this saves you time and money, and you can use what you save to devote to your plants.

The fewer distractions you have, the better you can focus on your passionate for growing your garden. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing?

Private Space For Gardening

If you really think about it, gardening can be such a public spectacle.

If you’re working on your shrubs or outdoor flower bushes, for example, you’re in full view for everyone to see. This really shouldn’t bother you since you have nothing to hide. However, you can’t deny that being able to garden in private would be infinitely better.

This is the final gift on this list that a greenhouse can give.

With a greenhouse, you have walls of plastic or stained glass to act as a barrier between you and everyone else. You can do gardening in peace, pay attention only to every clump of dirt, every leaf, and every beautiful petal.

You don’t have neighbors coming up to talk to you when you’re in the middle of digging up your yard, sweat dripping down your face.

You don’t have the hot sun beating down on you and your sprouts, giving you a throbbing headache.

There’s no risk of pets or rowdy children coming up to trample your budding garden.

In Conclusion

So, now you know the answer to the question, how does a greenhouse work and why would you need one.

Although the prospect of a greenhouse can be intimidating, it’s well worth getting one. As mentioned above, the purpose of a greenhouse stretches beyond protecting and nurturing a better environment for your plants. It also provides you an assurance that what you’re getting from your plants is only the best in terms of quality.

The pros simply outweigh the cons, giving you plenty of benefits in return for your gardening efforts.

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